Empower Students to Show What They Know

UniCast creates a digital platform for students to show what they know by recording their think-out-loud explanations and interactions with content.  The demonstration is digitally recorded and can then be shared with teachers, parents, or anyone else in the world providing feedback.

Research Proven

UniCast was tested in a gold-standard random-assignment experiment with 205 eighth graders. With UniCast, students spent far more time with the digital activities and used more words in their explanations compared to when students were asked to create written explanations.

Enhanced Learning

Students also remained on task to a greater extent when they used UniCast and their level of Knowledge Integration (KI) increased by nearly 20%. This means that students using UniCast were far more likely to support their explanations with relevant observations and scientifically normative ideas.

Learning Community

The student and teacher responses can also be shared with parents or anyone in the learning community.  The result is not a static video, but a multi-directional learning tool. In an experiment where over 1,000 UniCasts were distributed to student homes, 90% of parents reported the digital content was informative and that they learned something by viewing them.

Multi-directional Teacher Feedback

UniCast allows for more than just one-directional sharing.  It creates a dynamic dialogue between students, teachers, and the learning community.  After students record their demonstrations, teachers can give video feedback and share it back with students.

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