Improving Health Literacy One Patient at a Time

Unicast is being developed as a set of assistive-learning tools designed to improve reading comprehension with digital capture technology – a first-of its-kind, multi-directional, patient/provider communication portal

Low Health Literacy Leads to Poor Health Outcomes

Those with low health literacy have difficulty following basic medical instructions, struggle to understand standard consent forms, often confuse their medication dosages, miss more scheduled appointments, and tend to get less preventive health care compared to those with adequate health literacy.

Technology that Increases Health Literacy and Understanding of Discharge Plans

When patients and their in-home care providers are able to better comprehend the materials provided to them and relay that understanding back to their providers, the quality of healthcare improves, the rate of hospital readmissions and emergency room visits drop, and all parties benefit economically.

Any Device, Any Time, Any Where

Unicast is being designed as a universal platform that will function on any device that will function with or without internet.

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